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Volunteered on a CHICKS break before?

Volunteered on a CHICKS break before?

Welcome back! 

We would love to see you back at CHICKS. We are currently accepting applications for the remaining 2016 breaks and for spring 2017. 

If you've volunteered at CHICKS in the last two years, then all you need to do is email the Coordination Team: with your preferred break dates, and someone will be in touch soon!

If it's been longer since you last volunteered with us, we'll need you to fill in the Application Form again. 

Check out the available break dates here (please note the minimum age for volunteers for each break): 

2017 Respite Break Dates

We can't wait to see you again for lots more memory making this year! 

*NEWS: It is currently taking 18 weeks for DBS certificates to be processed from the London Metropolitan area. If you have lived in the area over the past five years and need to apply for a new DBS, please bear in mind this delay and start the application as soon as possible.*